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The Pecan – Queen of all Nuts!

Holiday Season means Pecans, Pecan Pies, Chocolate Pecans and lots of super healthy pecans nuts and treats! The pecan nut has a crunchy texture and a southern flavor that make a wonderful ingredient in all of your favorite dishes.

So why not use them everywhere? Pecans are native to America. These pricey little nuts are related to the walnut. Its a nut that can be tossed in any dish. Anything from stuffing them in meatloaf to tossing them in you cereal. Bagley Pecans even roast them and add them to thier new #1 selling Pecan Coffees, Texas Pecan Coffee and Taste of Texas Pecan Coffee. We add super healthy pecan nuts to almost everthing we do because of the great nutritional value they offer. They are rich in minerals, antioxidants, fibres and vitamins which helps in promoting the cardiovascular health, digestive system, they could help with weight loss because of the good fats, theat where it gets good for the keto diet. Pecans could reduce the risk of breast cancer, promote bone and teeth health and can reduce blood pressure. Pecans offer anti-cancer properties by strenghtening the immune system. Clear complextion? Yes, they have even been know to help with skin conditions and help with clear complextion. Pecans are a must!

Pecans are gathered as inshell pecans, they are then run through a cracking machine then straight to the shelling processing, as the end result is Pecan Halves  and Pecan Pieces  they are then packaged and sent to the shelves of retail stores and candy factories.

 Please visit bagleypecans for all of your pecan needs. After all we’ve been in the pecan business industy for 101 years. We know pecans.

If you need to buy whole In-Shell Pecans in bulk please visit to find a buying station near you.

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