Our customers can’t get enough of these bold unique flavors of our Texas Pecan Gifts and products. Pecans provide numerous health benefits! Allergens: Some of our candy products have been processed in a facility that handles peanuts, wheat, soy, milk and other tree nuts.

Texas Star Gift Basket


This adorable Texas Star Gift Basket is filled to the rim with whichever pecan you choose. We have a wide assortment of chocolate and flavored pecans to choose from. All of our Star Gift Baskets are decorated with red, white and blue.

Approx. 1lb, depending on your pecan of choice.


WARNING! OUR CHOCOLATES ARE HEAT SENSITIVE!  We have the right to substitute flavored pecans for chocolate pecans when necessary due to heat.

Our Texas themed Baskets are full of delicious gourmet goodness. We have several unique baskets and flavors to choose from.

The Texas Star! The Texas Flag became the official flag of the State of Texas in 1839 (by the Republic of Texas), and again in 1933. It’s big prominent White Star gives it the common used name; The Lone Star Flag.

The Cowboy Boot! After the Civil War, Texas cowboys were driving cattle to the northern and western markets. They added a pointed toe and a heel to their shoes to make it easier to get in and out of the stirrups and with stand the long journeys. It was designated 2007 as Texas official footwear.

The Texas shaped Jiffy Basket! Well, Lets just say it’s all about big Texas Pride.

The Texas Armadillo! It is our very own purple and gold Mascot for the San Saba Independent School District. The armadillo became the official State of Texas mascot.

Our Taste of Texas Gift Basket and Alamo Pecan and Pecan Coffee Gift Basket are offered in a wide variety of sizes and flavors on our website. Taste of Texas Gift Basket

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