Pecans provide numerous health benefits! Product Allergens: Our candy products have been processed in a facility that handles peanuts, wheat, soy, milk, sesame and other tree nuts.

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In-Shell Pecans


Our orchard fresh pecans are carefully selected to provide you the very best in-shell pecans available. They are heart healthy and make a great snack.

Due to state regulations: We are unable to ship In-shell pecans to Arizona and California.

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TEXAS PECANS right to your door.

As the rich in-shell pecans make a delicious addition to any dishes – but only if they’re high quality. At Bagley Pecans, our nuts are harvested from the banks of the San Saba River Pecan orchards in San Saba, Texas, known as the “Pecan Capital of the World”. For four generations, we have been providing individuals and businesses throughout Texas with delicious in-shell pecans. Whether you cook for fun or for a living, our in-shell pecans will add the flavor and texture your recipe calls for.

Add flavor to your holidays!

Pecans have a slightly sweet flavor and a crunchy texture. Use them in your pecan pie or banana nut bread.  You can still buy pecans in the shell for those of you who love that therapeutic value of cracking and shelling yourself.  Our pecans are ready. You can even eat them on their own as a nutritious snack. If your recipe calls for chopped pecans, you won’t need much extra effort to cut these nuts down to size.

Pecans also make a wonderful, nutritious gift for coworkers and family members alike. Add flavor and convenience to your life or that of someone else in one easy key stroke. Order a bag of in-shell pecans from Bagley Pecans today.

Order your in-shell pecans for the holidays!

We offer a variety of weights, from 1 lb. bags to pallets loads. We also offer shelled pecan halves and pieces. Whether you want these nuts for your own use or as a gift for someone else, simply choose the option you want below and click “Add to cart” to get started on your purchase.

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