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Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans


A pleasing bold flavor. Smothered in a delicious smooth dark chocolate, these roasted espresso beans are roasted to a slight crunch and are loaded with robust flavor that will energize and refresh you all day long. Dark chocolate also contains natural antioxidants.



Give Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans a gift.

This bold flavored treat is made with roasted Arabia beans and smothered in an intense luscious cacao dark chocolate. Crunchy and decadent, this is the ultimate treat for coffee and dark chocolate lovers. If you love coffee and dark chocolate be sure and try these great tasting beans or give them as a gift. These are a classy delight to serve at any event. Try then as a topping on ice cream too.

How much caffeine is in Espresso Beans? 

Approximate every 1/4 cup contains 60 milligrams of caffeine. An average cup of coffee contain approximately 95.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans?

  1. Antioxidants-Chocolate and espresso beans give a double punch to free radicals.
  2. Natural Mood Lifters-Dark chocolate can release your natural feel-good chemicals in your body. Coffee can do the same.

You will find all of our coffee products are made with real fresh roasted Arabic beans. 

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