Pecan Harvest Season

Pecan Harvest

Flavorful Taste

San Saba, Texas “The Pecan Capital of the World” celebrates its Pecan Harvest Season and the flavorful thin-shelled pecan each fall. Many of the most popular varieties are the Cheyenne and Pawnee. They are both very thin-shelled, easy to peel, have a plump meat and a slightly sweet taste. This makes them an excellent choice for baking. 

Candies and Flavored Pecans

In addition to the In-Shell Pecans, Cracked Pecans, Shelled Pecan Halves and Pieces, the candy-makers are en-robing Chocolate Pecans and boiling up Jalapeno Pecan Brittle. The bakers have the Pecan Pie baking and the Pecans roasting, the packagers are dipping, Chewy Pecan Pralines. During Pecan Harvest Season, the pecans businesses work many long hours, but it’s just something we all do. It’s in our blood and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Community 

People in San Saba County long have gathered, sold and enjoyed pecans that grow along the creeks and the San Saba River. As this marketable crop began, R.B. Bagley quickly became the largest pecan buyer and broker in the United States. Most of the counties commercial growers here in San Saba are family-run businesses that started out on a shoestring. So don’t forget to buy your Fresh Pecans from the Bagley Pecan family! After all we are not just another San Saba Pecan Company. We are celebrating our 105th. season.  

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